Imagine a mix of Adele and Hall & Oates,
and you’ll hear  Dan McLean Jr & Some Honey .
Meet Dan McLean Jr & Some Honey

Dan McLean Jr

Vocal, Guitar

Dan’s songs paint portraits of  growed-up people falling  in love like it was the first time, and having  their hearts broken like it was the worst time.

(Wait.  Is that a new song?)

Katey Morley

Vocal, Percussion, Tiny Keyboard

Stacie Tabb

Vocal, Percussion

Steve York

Vocal, Percussion, Harmonica

What Reviewers are Saying​

“A divine conduit of honest-to-goodness music”

“Beautifully performed, and so very well written ~ the positivity and optimism throughout is quite overwhelming, an absolute rarity these days it seems”

“right at home at the end of some momentous and epic film”

“He is one of a kind. The essence of pure, raw, soulful energy”

“I absolutely adore these songs”

“moves way past your ears and straight to your heart”

“You will find yourself singing along time & time again”


Sun Oct 20 at Silence in Guelph, from 1-3pm.

Advance Tickets

Whenever I perform, what I’m excited about is sharing a very real emotional connection with the audience. I want everything I do to help me make, and build on, that connection. I want them to know that what I’m doing is important to me, and that I hope it will be important to them, and we’ll be trying a lot of these ideas at the workshop.

You’ll learn specific tips & tricks, focussing on simply & effectively turning your “set” into an engaging “show”, whether it’s a professional show or two songs at an open stage.

There’s nothing better than TRYING the things we’re taught, and that’s even better when we’re doing it LIVE so that coaching and in-the-moment adjustments can be made and proven.  Advance Tickets

Sat Nov 2  ’19, Dan McLean Jr & Some Honey will be playing our second full show of original music at Glueph’s “The Common Café.

Doors open at 7:00, and my pal Russell Allan Scott will open the show with a short set at 7:30.
Everything should be wrapped up by 9:30.

Cover will be $15 or PWYC (“pay what you can” or “pay what you want”).  If you can’t pay, or don’t want to pay … come anyway !



Sun Nov 24, dan McLean Jr & Some Honey will be at “The Supermarket” in Toronto’s Kensington Market.  Doors open at 5pm and our show will run from 5:30-7:00.  The Supermarket has a full bar and a VERY well-reviewed Asian-fusion menu.
Cover is $15 or PWYC (“pay what you can” or “pay what you want”).

Contact Dan McLean Jr

Dan McLean Jr & Some Honey plays concert halls, theatres, and other ‘Listening’ rooms.  We play all original music.


Imagine a mix of Adele and Hall & Oates, and you’ll hear  Dan McLean Jr & Some Honey.

We’re wide open to opening for other artists, and have very minimal set-up & stage requirements.  One guitar and four voices.

Dan is also available for short, solo sets.


Dan also presents workshops on “Mic Technique for Singers” and “Engaging Your Audience”.